Announcing our 2013-2014 Collection!!

          New costumes added!!

• Solo, duets, trios or small group dance costumes

Gently used, almost new dance and skating costumes

Unique resource for dancers, figure skaters, parents, studios and teachers  

• Reduce the money spent annually on costumes without compromising style 

• We are continually receiving costumes, visit us often to see the latest additions   



Encore Costume Couture is a unique resource for studios, teachers, dancers, figure skaters and parents. Featuring custom made costumes along with costumes from well-known manufacturers, Encore Costume Couture caters to Soloists, Duets, Trios and Small Groups. 

  At Encore Costume Couture we operate on the philosophy that a performance opportunity is a wonderful exciting experience contributing to personal growth and development of the student. What you wear and how you feel in what you wear can be an important element in that experience.                           


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 At CCI we sell pre-owned, nearly new dance & figure skating costumes!                                                                                                                                                               

Many different styles and categories available:

            Lyrical                       Jazz                               Tap                                     Contemporary/Modern

            Ballet                         Pointe                           Tutus                                 Musical Theater                                                            

            Character                 Under $25                    Pageants                          Bra Tops & Bootie Shorts

            Kids Korner              Pieces & Parts            Rental Costumes           Costume Couture $175.00 & Up    


We are a performance costume consignment and re-sale business. We showcase these nearly new, pre-owned costumes in our Minneapolis, MN retail store and on our website developing a fabulous network for those that need a costume and those that want to sell their costumes. We are a one stop shop for your performance costume needs. We offer performance jewelry, unique trims and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rhinestones. Our goal is to make the process of selecting and perhaps transforming your dance and skating costumes easy! 

              It’s a win-win solution to reduce, reuse, remake and refashion costumes!    

Why re-invent the wheel if you can build off an existing costume and make it yours!!  It’s not always practical to have a new and or custom made costume each time you perform. Almost new will do!


Looking for a dance or figure skating costume?


   »  Encore Costume Couture has the PERFECT costume at the fraction of the original cost!!!!     


   »  Shop for one-of-a kind costumes, custom made designs, costumes for duets, trios or small groups.


   »  Personalize the costume, make it your own by adding rhinestones, appliqués, embellishments. We can help with ideas to re-make and re-fashion your costume to create that WOW Factor!

 Our collection of dance and skating costumes consist of custom made designs along with a selection from well-known dance and figure skating companies. Such as:  


      Glamour               Kelle & Custom Kelle Co

     Watercolour        The Line Up   

     Meekelle             Competitor/Art Stone

     Marcia                  Reverence

     Balera                  Wolff Fording & Co

     Katrinawear        and many more…….


ECC will provide consultation on making the perfect selection for a particular song, style of dance or routine along with adding embellishments and making the costume special for your dancer or skater.

Consigners Corner

Not sure what to do with all those dance and skating costumes you have stored away – Do they deserve another look? Bring them to us and we will help you find a new home for your gently used costumes.

 ECC logo consignmentClick here for details on Consignment policies & procedures   



Encore Costume Couture offers exquisite dance costumes and performance tutus for rental.

Rent a costume for a competition or the season

Spend a fraction of what a new costume would cost

Your dancer will look fantastic at an affordable price!

Call 866-476-1030 or 952-476-1030 for more details on how to rent a costume!