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Encore Costume Couture Consignment Contract

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Thank you for consigning with Crystal Couture Inc. We appreciate your business!



Encore Costume Couture Consignment Contract: 


First Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________ 
Last Name: ____________________________________                  Account #_______________
Address: ______________________________________  
City: _________________________________________ # Consigned _____________
State:  ___________________    Zip: ________________ 

Studio: _________________

Phone: _______________________________________ Donate: Y / N_____________
Email:   _______________________________________ R-T-O: Y / N ______________
Quarterly pay-out:  ECC Credit (on account): Y / N           OR -          Check: Y / N______________




We do not share or sell customer information.

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* At CCI our policy is not to disclose the name of a costumes previous owner, nor the studio. Once the

costume is accepted for consignment, if you choose to remove it from the store or website, we will require

payment of a $25.00 de-listing fee to cover photogrpahy, account set-up, descriptions, website and marketing expenses. 


 *All costumes must be in good condition, free of stains and not needing repairs. Costumes requiring repair

for cleaning we be charged a minimum fee of $10.00.



Thank you for consigning with Crystal Couture Inc./Encore Costume Couture



 Signature _________________________________________________ 
     Date: ____________________