ECC Consignment Policies & Procedures

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Consignment Policies & Procedures:

At Encore Costume Couture (ECC), a division of Crystal Couture Inc, our goal is to make the process of selling your new and gently used dance and skating costumes easy! We showcase these pre-owned and gently worn costumes in our Minneapolis, MN retail store and on our website developing a fabulous network for those that need a costume and those that want to sell their costumes. It’s a win-win solution to reduce, reuse, remake and refashion costumes! So clean out your closets & bring your costumes to us for consignment.


    • Call 866-476-1030 or 952-476-1030 to set-up your confidential appointment. 

    •  All types and styles of dance and figure skating costumes will be considered.

    • Costumes will be priced based on the original cost, condition, style, age and current demand.

    • Current costumes will retail at approximately 55-75% of the original cost. Older costumes, if accepted may retail anywhere from 50% of the original cost down to 25%, depending on the condition, style and current demand.

    • All consignment selling prices will be agreed upon between ECC and the seller.

    • Costumes accepted for sale must be of recent fashion and in good condition. Items must be freshly laundered, wrinkle free, free of stains, unpleasant odors and not needing repairs. Please no garbage bags full of costumes!

    • All accepted costumes will be tagged, priced, hung for display and cataloged.

    • Each client will be assigned an account number. Each costume is tagged with a sku number along with the retail price. 


    Consignment fees are: 

            » You get 60% of final selling price for costumes sold between $400.00 - $999.00

           » You get 55% of final selling price for costumes sold between $201.00 - $399.00

            » You get 50% of the final selling price for costumes sold between $76.00 - $200.00

            » You get 40% of the final selling price for costumes sold uner $75.00 


    • All costumes are subject to a 10-15% price reduction at time of the sale to adjust for rips, tears, missing rhinestones etc. If a costume needs to be cleaned it will be assessed a $10.00 to $15.00 cleaning fee. Any decision on price adjustments are made by ECC. We strive to ship all costumes out in the best condition possible!

  • Once a costume is accepted for consignment, if you remove it from the store or website, we require payment of the $10.00 listing fee to cover photography, account set-up and marketing expense. This $10.00 listing fee is otherwise waived.

    • All consignment costumes are sold as final sales, we will not accept any returns.

    • Consigners will be notified quarterly when an item has sold and credit memos or checks will be issued quarterly on the 15th of April, July, October and January.


  Click here for copy of the ECC Consignment contract


Thank you for consigning with Encore Costume Couture. We appreciate your business!